Saturday, February 21, 2015


The past several weeks have been difficult and frustrating.  Knowing that at any point we could be hearing about a new MOWCYA date, I was literally checking my email every 15 minutes.  The anticipation mounted each time quickly followed by disappointment.  While many families in our agency were hearing of new dates or approvals being written, we hadn't heard ANY updates.  Many times I wondered if MOWCYA had somehow lost our paperwork!!! 
This past Wednesday, we were able to pray with our small group.  I woke up Thursday feeling like a brand new person, KNOWING that God was going to be doing something!!!  I rejoiced to hear from a friend who finally got their new MOWCYA date (I had just prayed for them as well as us earlier in the day), and by the end of the day, I was still rejoicing for them although had a slight tinge of jealousy since we didn't hear any good news.  Thursday evening I took some friends grocery shopping and asked them to be praying.  They were such an encouragement, reminding me that NOTHING is too hard for God!!!  The next day, the kids had a 2 hour delay.  I happened to check my email before school (for the first time in forever not thinking about hearing an update) and there it was!!!!!! 

The news we have been waiting to hear for several months!!! 

Along with several other families from our agency, we have a MOWCYA date for March 6!!!!  

Just 2 weeks away!!

There are no guarantees, and so far not much as gone smoothly with our process!  BUT, if things do go as planned, and MOWCYA approves us on that day, we should hear about a court date by the following week.  We could travel soon after that.  To summarize -----> we *should* be meeting our son in March!!!!

Please continue to pray that MOWCYA would approve our paperwork on March 6 or before!!

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