Friday, October 24, 2014

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In reality, we know that all things are working together for good in our adoption process!  But some days are easier than others.

There are 3 things that need to happen before we can go to Ethiopia for our court date:  
1)  Letter from MOWCYA (Ministry of Women, Children & Youth Affairs), 
2)  Birth Relative/Finder Interview
3)  PAIR letter

The first 2 are things that need to happen on the Ethiopian government side of things, and the PAIR process is US.  We were finally submitted to PAIR 9/29.  So far we have not heard any updates.  We are hopeful that we will at least hear that we have been assigned an officer soon. 

A few weeks ago, we heard from our agency that the first two things had been scheduled for 10/29!  Even though we were told approximately 40% of people do not get the MOWCYA letter on the first try, our hopes were high!  Especially because it also meant there was a *very slight* possibility we would not need to renew our i-171h, saving us over $700.  Things were finally moving!!!  (I even bought "A" a Christmas stocking yesterday......just in case!)

Unfortunately, our excitement was short-lived.  We started hearing rumors, and then our agency confirmed, that all MOWCYA are involved in a meeting that started October 20.  It is anticipated that these officials will be back in their offices the first week of November.  However, during these meetings no MOWCYA letters have been written.  Along with this information, AWAA provided us with new information that MOWCYA is going to be changing the way they write these important recommendation letters....

"MOWCYA announced a new procedure regarding recommendation letters that we would like to explain.  Previously, recommendation letters were written following the review of a case by a single MOWCYA expert.  Due to concerns about the thoroughness of the review, a new system is now in place that requires multiple MOWCYA experts to review a family’s case in order to write recommendation letters.  The Director of MOWCYA must also approve all recommendation letters.  Once the recommendation letter has been approved it can then be released to the court in order for the adoptive family court date to be issued.  MOWCYA hopes this new procedure will result in more comprehensive reviews of adoption paperwork and reduce the likelihood of unethical processes."

And then of course.....  "The new procedure of writing and approving recommendation letters will lengthen the time it takes for them to be issued.  This is due in part to the schedule of MOWCYA’s Director, as her duties require that she attend regular meetings and trainings throughout Ethiopia."

We are happy - really honestly happy - that Ethiopia continues to take steps to make sure adoptions are ethical!!!  Terrible, horrible things can happen in the world of adoption.  We are so thankful to be adopting from a country who loves and cares for their children so much that they are continually improving their adoption regulations.  We know that ultimately God is in control of all timing!!  Sometimes though, monthly updates are just not enough.  We just want our boy home.