Sunday, August 24, 2014

Praying for Progress This Week!

We are so hopeful that this is the week we will hear news of some forward progress in our adoption journey.  We did hear from our family coordinator that AWAA has purchased a plane ticket for the social worker at A's former orphanage.  The social worker is supposed to go to A's hometown THIS WEEK to collect the documents needed.  These documents will all need to be translated, and then we can finally be submitted to PAIR.  Please pray along with us that this does happen, that obtaining the documents is a smooth process, and that our PAIR submission happens soon.  It is getting so hard to wait.  We know that God is working behind the scenes, and His timing is perfect.  But with our human eyes, all we are seeing is.....nothing happening.....and that can be really discouraging!

In the meantime, here on the homefront, we've been keeping busy!  School started this past week, and I had my first day of being an "empty-nester," since Carly will be in school (K4) for the first time on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  I was so happy to hear that both kids LOVED school this week :)   We were also able to take a little day trip to New Jersey yesterday to visit with college friends, and today spent the day at Dutch Wonderland.  Life is great with the 4 of us, and we can't wait until we can change that number to 5!

Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement!  Along with the paperwork issues, please be praying for our little guy's heart!  I can't even imagine the transitions he has gone through over the past several months.