Thursday, January 22, 2015

Quick PAIR Update

Just wanted to give a very quick update -- the Embassy interview went smoothly on 1/14!  The very next day we received an email from Embassy that the i-604 investigation was complete.  We were told it could take 1-2 weeks for our PAIR letter to arrive, but we were thrilled to receive it 1/20.  What does this all mean?  We have been CLEARED on the United States side of things.  We are waiting on only ONE thing - MOWCYA approval. 
Our original MOWCYA date was back on 10/29.  It did not happen that day, and instead we were made aware of several documents we needed to redo and resubmit.  Since then, we have not heard of a new MOWCYA date.  Many other families from our agency have had theirs, so we are hopeful we hear something soon.  We have no sense of a timeline, because EVERYTHING is contingent on MOWCYA.  If the review date is soon, and they approve, we could travel 1-2 weeks after that!!!!  We are praying that we hear something soon!  Please join us!  We so badly want to meet our sweet A!

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