Thursday, September 4, 2014

Answered Prayers for Progress!!!

I bought about 80 pounds of tomatoes this morning, and I'm in the middle of canning pizza sauce, my kitchen is a WRECK, and I need to make dinner before I head out the door to volunteer at school, but I just received an email and I'm overjoyed to share some good news!  Everything else will just have to wait!  We received the following information from our family coordinator...

"I got an update today that the social worker successfully gathered documents for A! They are being sent through the regional government for a final signature and then will need to be translated.

I am regularly following up with our staff so you are going to be prioritized with them. They know to keep pushing this paper work along as much as they can!"

So, so happy to hear that all the documents were collected last week!  Now we are praying for that final signature and those translations to be accomplished.  All of the paperwork needs to be done to US standards, so it is not uncommon to to have 2 or 3 attempts at translating!  

On our side of things, we are prepping to have another Home Study update.  We will go in for our 3rd set of FBI fingerprints soon, and once we get all of our clearances back, we will send it all to our new social worker so he can get started!   Thanks for your prayers!

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