Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Looking Ahead: Donations

Today we are 6 weeks post-referral, and although I don't have any updates to share, a few people have asked about donations, so I thought I'd give a little of a heads-up donation list!  Although we won't be traveling anytime soon, if you come across any of these items and would like to donate them, I'll be glad to take them whenever!  This is a very basic list, and as we get close to traveling we will know more specifics.

*Suitcases or large duffel bags - all 4 of us are planning to go on the first trip.  We will each be allowed 2 suitcases.  We only own 2 big suitcases total.  Basically, the more suitcases we have, the more donations we are able to take.  It would be a huge blessing if we didn't need to buy more suitcases.  If you have old suitcases that you don't use anymore (but could still survive an international flight), we'd love to take them off your hands! 

*Diapers & Wipes - always needed at the Transition Home & the orphanages. 

*Crocs - the kids at the Transition Home all wear Croc-type shoes!  I have seen these types of shoes go on sale at CVS and Kmart at the end of the summer each year, or they can be used if they are in good shape.

*Fun Stuff :) - we will be spending a lot of time at the Transition Home on our first trip and would love to be able to pass things out to the kids.  Things like soccer balls, bubbles, coloring books, and sugar free gum are all big hits!  And of course fingernail polish for the girls!

If you have any questions about specific items, feel free to ask!  Thanks for your interest!

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